Engineering Physics External Advisory Board

The Engineering Physics External Advisory Board (EPEAB), meets annually every spring semester. The EPEAB looks at the Engineering Physics Program in detail, and makes recommendations to the Department and to the Deans of Arts and Sciences and of Engineering.


Mr. Jon P. Haas (Associate Principal Engineer, NASA Engineering & Safety Center, NASA Langley Research Center) 

Members -- Industry

Dr. Candi Cook (Senior Integration Engineer, Intel)           

Ms. Laura Dominik (Staff Engineer Systems - Radiation Effects CoE, Honeywell) 

Dr. Kurt Schoenberg (Partner - Applied Science Enterprises consulting)

Dr. Katayani Seal (Staff, SingleQuantum)

Members -- National Laboratory

Mr. Frank N. Sage (new EPEAB member, Survivability, Vulnerability and Assessment Director, White Sands Missile Range)

Members -- Academia

Dr. Alan Lovell (Faculty, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University) 

Professor David Probst (Chair Department of Physics, Greenville University) 

Prof. Michael Stroscio (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago)           

Members – EP Alumni

Mr. T. Nathaniel Nunley (NMSU EP Alumnus; Postdoc, University of Texas – Austin)      

Mr. Travis Willett-Gies (NMSU EP Alumnus, Systems Engineer, Millennium Engineering and Integration)