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Physics Department Scholarships

The Physics Department is very fortunate to have a great number of donors who have created a variety of scholarship awards for our undergraduate and graduate students.  In order to be eligible for those funds, our students need to complete two tasks every year:

  1. Complete a ScholarDollar$ application:
  2. Complete the FAFSA form:

Here are some highlights about our scholarship funds.

  • Bezdek Scholarship

  • Albert and Mabel Burris Physics Fellowship (for graduate students)

  • Gilbert L. and Dolores C. Cano Endowed Physics Scholarship

  • Ernest Lynn Cleveland Scholarship

  • Dr. Horace Coburn Physics Fund (for K-12 outreach, and physics teaching materials)

  • George W. Gardiner Fellowship in Physics (for graduate students)

  • George and Barbara Goedecke Physics Excellence Fund

  • Dr. Stephen & Brigitta Hanzeley Scholarship

  • Gale A. Harvey Scholarship

  • Mary and Robert Hockaday Endowed Physics Scholarship (for graduate students)

  • Arthur & Beulah Maxwell Scholarship (for graduate students)

  • Miller & McLellan Memorial Scholarship

  • Leon & Barbara Radziemski Scholarship

  • Randhawa-Dhillon Memorial Academic Scholarship in Physics/Biology

  • Henry D. Weinschel Endowed Scholarship

  • H. Bartel Williams Memorial Scholarship

Giving to the Physics Department Scholarship Funds

Please take a moment to consider donating to one of our many scholarships. Scholarships are rewarded based on financial need and student academic performance. All students are required to fill out Scholar Dollars to be considered for a scholarship.

Image of 5 diverse NMSU students with the quote "Your Contribution makes an impact for our students."

It is easy to contribute to the Physics Department scholarship program.

(1) Click here to contribute to either the Physics or Engineering Physics program.

(2) Use the drop-down menu to select the scholarship you want to contribute to.

Thank you.