George W. Gardiner Professorship in Physics

Every two years, the Physics Department Head, in consultation with the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, selects and appoints the George W. Gardiner Professor in Physics from candidates nominated by any physics faculty member. Preference shall be given to candidates who demonstrate excellence in scholarship, leadership, research and teaching. During this term, the Gardiner Professor receives the earnings of the Gardiner Professorship Endowment Fund (expected to be two payments of about USD 15,000 each) to provide compensation, staff support, or research support.


Vladimir M. Shalaev 1997-1999

Robert L. Armstrong 1999-2001

Matthias R. Burkardt 2001-2003

James F. Ni 2003-2005

Stephen F. Pate 2005-2007

Gary Kyle 2007-2009

Heinz Nakotte 2009-2011

James F. Ni 2011-2013

Boris Kiefer 2013-2015

Matthias R. Burkardt 2015-2017

Michael Engelhardt 2017-2019

Igor Vasiliev 2019-2021

Stephen F. Pate-Morales 2021-2022